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Kofax is the leading provider of Intelligent Capture & Exchange solutions, including de facto standard products for information capture, device connectivity and image processing.

Our leading-edge capture and exchange technologies and solutions enable business process automation by managing the transformation and exchange of business-critical information (residing in various formats such as paper, fax, electronic documents, e-mail, SMS) among people, applications and devices.


Capture Pro includes many powerful post-scan editing tools to optimize document integrity. You’ll see enhanced worker productivity, thanks to electronic “flagging” of images in repetitive-task, post-scan editing.



What Types Of Assistance Can IDES CONSULTING Provide?

IDES CONSULTING consultants are experts in using the Kofax platform as the front end of sophisticated document management and workflow systems. Some of the services they provide include:

  • Preliminary project survey
  • Forms processing survey
  • Requirements definition
  • Technical review of a proposed solution to identify risks
  • Index validation scripts
  • Form setup
  • Recognition tuning
  • 3rd party integration
  • Custom validation and release scripts
  • Custom module development


What Qualifications Do IDES CONSULTING members have?

All IDES CONSULTING consultants and project managers have earned the Certified Document Imaging Architechs (CDIA+) credential, demonstrating their expertise in the document imaging field. They are fully trained on the latest releases of Ascent platform products, as well as complementary technologies. IDES CONSULTING consultants work only on Kofax platform assignments, so no time is lost getting up to speed on the product.


Why Not Just Use My Own Staff Or Other Local Resources?

Installing a complete document management or workflow system can be a monumental undertaking. Often, this is a time-sensitive, mission-critical project that must work flawlessly. With so much at stake, it makes sense to rely on the expertise IDES CONSULTING as Kofax authorized reseller can provide in implementing complex solutions.

How Can I Get A Quote For A Project?

Let us know you would welcome IDES CONSULTING’s involvement in your implementation. We will work with you to provide an estimate and, if chosen for the assignment, deliver not just quality software, but also the finest document imaging consulting available.

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