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As the world's leading provider of business software*, SAP delivers products and services that help accelerate business innovation for our customers. We believe that doing so will unleash growth and create significant new value – for our customers, SAP, and ultimately, entire industries and the economy at large. Today, more than 46,100 customers in more than 120 countries run SAP applications – from distinct solutions addressing the needs of small businesses and midsize companies to suite offerings for global organizations.


Founded in 1993, Panorama is a leading innovator in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Multidimensional Expressions (MDX). Panorama sold its OLAP technology to Microsoft Corporation in 1996, which was rebranded as SQL Server Analysis Services and integrated into the SQL Server platform. Panorama supports over 1,000 customers worldwide in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, telecommunications and life sciences. Panorama has a wide eco-system of partners in 30 countries, and maintains offices throughout North America, EMEA and Asia.





Need an industry-specific on-premise solution that's highly configurable and has the flexibility to adapt as your business grows? With SAP Business All-in-One, you can choose from qualified SAP partner solutions, with deep industry best practices built-in, or our fast-start program, which lets you start with the basics and get quick results.

Wholesale Distribution

As a wholesale distributor, you face unrelenting competitive pressure to keep prices low and increase supply, which means that you have to constantly look for ways to improve margins and grow revenue. This demands greater focus on reducing operating expenses and cutting costs throughout the order-to-cash process. You need to manage inventory more efficiently and integrate yourself more tightly with your customers and suppliers.

The SAP application can help you manage this balancing act by streamlining your entire order-to-ship process and providing clear visibility into inventory levels, order status, supplier schedules, and customer demand.

Besides running your core business functions such as sales and financials, SAP can help you:

  • Optimize inventory management – Track inventory levels and stock movements in real time to minimize "stock-out" situations, increase goods availability, and reduce inventory-carrying costs; also manage price lists, special pricing, and quotes.
  • Anticipate customer demand – Provide full past-transaction data, so you can analyze customer buying behavior to predict demand more accurately and balance inventory levels accordingly.
  • Streamline the order-to-cash process – Automate key processes to improve efficiency across the order-to-cash cycle, including order creation, stock-level updates, delivery, invoicing, and accounts receivable.
  • Tighten partner integration – Provide online self-service capabilities for customers and suppliers, so they can view inventory availability, the status of orders and deliveries, and billing information.

Discrete Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a fiercely competitive business. Not only do you have to work with fluctuating customer demand and shrinking product life cycles, you also have to adapt to increasing global competition and comply with strict regulations. You're under a significant amount of pressure to increase efficiency, differentiate products, and keep up with regulatory mandates.

The SAP application can help you gain greater control over manufacturing operations by increasing visibility into the supply chain, automating key production processes, tracking compliance, and making it easier to focus on innovation and speed to market.

Besides running your core business functions such as sales and financials, SAP can help you:

  • Focus on manufacturing efficiency – Streamline the entire manufacturing process, from production scheduling to purchasing and logistics, so you can outperform the competition.
  • Streamline production and planning – Manage material requirements for multilevel production processes; create manufacturing resource planning scenarios to forecast demand, and generate automatic replenishment orders to avoid production material shortages.
  • Optimize inventory management – Track inventory levels and stock movements in real time to minimize out-of-stock situations, increase goods availability, and reduce inventory-carrying costs.

Meet regulatory mandates – Track, manage, and report on compliance with government mandates and industry guidelines.


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